“When you get, Give. When you learn, Teach
In addition to Ballet, we have qualified teachers also teaching:
    JAZZ DANCE designed for ballet and non-ballet dancers, incorporates correct warm-up and dance technique. The HSDA offers a variety of methods & orientations from Fosse to Lyrical to Fusion.
    MODERN Contemporary & Lyrical are their own art movement forms, having both a neo-classical & contemporary format, often taught with either a ballet or jazz style base.
    HIP-HOP in its truest form. This relatively new (started in Los Angeles in the early 1970’s) style of dance has its beginnings in night club & social dance.
    TAP levels beginning, intermediate and advanced, featuring both rhythm and show tap.
   PILATES to assist with body alignment, posture, flexibility, balance, abdominal strength, and a reduction in back, neck and joint pain.
    ZUMBA taught by certified Zumba instructor Pearlene Brar.