Reminder:  90% of what you should be looking for is the best school for you. The other 10% is finding convenient class times  (not the other way around!).
Questions? E-mail Mr. Hirschl directly and get answers:
Pay tuition with check or cash in the studio, or online.
Payments by cash are always preferred.
Dance-Prep (ballet/tap) and Primary Ballet Levels
for 4, 5, 6 7 and 8 year-old boys and girls.
Our Tuition? $42 per month.
Of course, you'll need to pay for this at the regular tuition rate, which is quarterly (3 months): $126.
Shouldn't be an issue, since it takes an investment of at least 24+ months of lessons to get even get the most basic training.
Is this new? Is this a limited-time special offer?  NOPE. This has been the normal tuition for this group since January 2019.
One-Hour Classes:
(and Prep-Dance level classes)
90-minute Classes:
(Mon-Wed-Fri 10am, Tues 8pm)
Guided Online Adult Passive Stretch Sessions

Tuition Notice:

Tuition can only be paid up to the end of September 2022. Do not make payments past this date.

Why? So we can get everyone on the correct tuition bandwagon. Our regular tuition is quarterly (every 3 months). If everyone pays tuition every January, April, July and October, it reduces the bookkeeping time, thereby keeping your tuition lower.