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Effective 2-way communication is the currency of the 21st century.
Get on the studio "Remind" app. On your phone,
call “81010” and enter the studio code “@balletwmrh”
If anyone has any questions about re-opening, scheduling, or ANYTHING else concerning the HSDA, contact Mr. Hirschl directly.
DO NOT contact the staff. The teachers have been hired to do a professional job of teaching, not to provide you with logistics.
Use the HSDA "Remind" app, or e-mail:

Online classes at Hirschl School: Unique.

I am not at the studio, demonstrating steps on the dance floor, and having students play “follow the leader”. I'm at home, sitting in front of the screen, watching the whole class the whole time. I'm correcting, taking questions and giving answers. Classes are interactive & progressive, and students are learning and improving.
 Significant modifications have been made to the online classes to make sure they are worthwhile, effective, and safe. Examples: Less jumps & jarring movements, and more emphasis on technique, body alignment & curriculum. Classes are modified to work well in a 6x6 foot space.
 See for yourself: The first 2 classes are FREE to anyone who hasn’t taken an online class with Mr. H.
No charge, no obligation. We just want to show you there really is a difference. 

Warm Weather Notice:

During warmer weather & noted times of increased levels of smog, the A/C units will run on all active dance floors. In addition, the following safety modifications will be instigated.

#1: Lesson curriculum will be modified to reduce aerobic activity (jumps, etc.), and emphasize technique, flexibility, terminology, theory, balance, posture, alignment, etc.

#2: Staff will make sure students do not overheat. Staff will check that students have water, and that they drink before, after and in-between lessons as needed. If required, HSDA will provide extra water to students.

#3: If any student has physical/medical issues the weather may adversely affect, the teacher & owner should be notified. (Any medical issues we should be aware of should already be on file with the school.)

#4: If available, one of the floors not being used for lessons will be cooled down for parents/siblings to occupy.

Note on the lobby: Due to the facility configuration, the lobby is not as cool as the dance floors. Each dance floor has its own A/C unit. The windows also take afternoon sun. The dance floors can be up to 20+ degrees cooler than the lobby.

(From HSDA Responsibility & Safety Standards, April 1997)







For the time being, we're still following all safety protocols.
Dance is a healthy addition to life, physically and emotionally. They are symbiotic to successful academics and the workplace.
For the "cautious" families: Get out from under your rock, and get back into the passions of your life. Take care of the outer stuff, but don't forget the inner human. Doing something for your inner self is equally as important as that salary you pull or those grades you get. (If you're lucky, later in life you'll realize it's actually more so).
Dance-Prep (ballet/tap) and Primary Ballet Levels
for 4, 5, 6 7 and 8 year-old boys and girls.
Our Tuition? $42 per month.
Of course, you'll need to pay for this at the regular tuition rate, which is quarterly (3 months): $126. Shouldn't be an issue, since it takes an investment of at least 18-24 months of lessons to get even get the most basic training. Is this new? Is this a limited-time special offer?  NOPE. This has been the normal tuition for this group since January 2019.
We are CLOSED:
Saturday, Sunday, Monday,
May 29th, 30th, 31st.
These are the 5th week of the month–
Makeup lessons are not needed.

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It's almost that time again;  Nutcracker 2021!

Auditions announcement:

Parents of dancers 5 to 12 years old: If you're interested in auditioning, contact me immediately at
Auditions are set for Saturday, August 21st, at the HSDA studio.
1:00pm-2:30pm for all male & female beginning and intermediate dancers.
11:30am-1:00pm for male and female advanced dancers.
Performances dates: December 4th & 5th.
This is produced by Sunrise Ballet, and is not an HSDA dance recital.
We will also have auditions for S.A.N.A. and SB Corps de ballets on this day.
Details will be on before the end of June.
June 29th: National Waffle Iron Day
June 30th: National Asteriod Day