What makes us Unique
Knowledgeable teachers with the right purpose: Our Teachers are educators, not glorified demonstrators. We teach from an academic as well as artistic standpoint.
Open for regular lessons year-round: We don't close for the summer.
We use a "build-up" rather than a "tear-down" method (emotionally & physically), using curriculum and methodology that challenges, yet stays within safe, realistic and individual boundaries. This includes building a positive self-confidence and a healthy self-image.
Short and long-term goals and objectives worked towards.
Well organized and well planned recitals and productions to provide a happy and memorable experience to students, parents & audience.
Security cameras for each dance floor and separate television monitors for each in the lobby.
All dance floors professionally built sub-floors beneath “Stagestep” dance floor material for safe and healthy dancing.
Each floor has its own air-conditioning unit and is fully soundproofed.
Lessons that start and end on time: We respect you and understand that your time is valuable. We will be punctual with lessons, rehearsals and events. 
The dance arts are beneficial to academics with the ability to think quickly, logically and effectively. It has been proven that people that pursue an education in the dance are notably more successful in academics.
A student begins a “formal” dance education between 7 and 8 years old. Earlier training provides valuable preparatory work and a foundation for future education in the dance arts. In the preparatory levels, students learn to explore their own individual levels of capacity but are not pushed beyond safe or realistic boundaries. Students are brought up to their highest potential dependent upon their level of commitment. After the beginning levels of dance, teaching a “combination lesson” would only serve to skim highlights & not do justice to full curriculum of either form.
The right teacher can produce a physically and emotionally enjoyable experience filled with many positive side effects that will be enjoyed for a lifetime. We understand the importance of what we do. What we impart goes beyond just teaching dance steps: body awareness, self-confidence, self-esteem and stress reduction are only some of the valuable by-products. Whether you pursue dance as a career or simply for the joy of the art, HSDA standards will not vary. Students get a sense of accomplishment from each lesson as well as the long-term of the training process. No matter how serious you are about the art, it’s always supposed to be an enjoyable experience! Prove it to yourself: Observe any class, speak with any teacher, student, or parent.
There’s SO much more than just learning dance steps at HSDA
Here are some valuable extras:
● Improved cognitive function for better academics, clearer mental process & cognitive function.
● Proper body posture and alignment
● Eye-hand/eye-foot motor coordination & spatial cognition
● Learning safe physical potentials and limitations
● Working on strength, balance and flexibility
● Musicality, rhythm and timing
● Learning a positive work ethics in ALL learning situations
● Self-confidence and a positive body awareness
● Working effectively with peer groups and partners
● Working effectively in a disciplined classroom atmosphere
● Lengthening attention span
● Learning & practicing patience as a life virtue
● Stress and anxiety relief
● Positive and effective teacher/student relationship
● Proper lesson etiquette in ALL classroom situations
● Learning that it’s enjoyable & fulfilling to do & be your best
Exposure to the classical arts, music & dance
● Learning responsibility to commitments
Learning Positive Life Core Values
Students learn the enjoyment of dance and how to express themselves in a positive and constructive manner. These assets will help the student in many aspects of life, far beyond the dance class. Everything worthwhile takes patience and dedication.
There is a strong symbiotic relationship between a proper dance arts education and an academic education. One feeds, enhances and balances the other. We have been serious professional educators in the dance industry since 1972. The contribution we make goes far beyond simply teaching dance steps. We will make a valuable, enjoyable and memorable experience and a worthwhile & rewarding investment for all our students!
At the Hirschl School of Dance Arts, we follow, and meet or exceed the following: Physical Education Model Content Standards for California Public Schools grades Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve and the Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards for California Public Schools (Dance Content Standards) As Adopted by the California State Board of Education January 2001.
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